Launch of Uplifting and Inspiring Book by Edenderry GROW Member

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gerry herbert speaking at regional weekend

Earlier this year, Gerry Herbert from GROW’s Edenderry Group launched an inspired and inspiring book titled A (Little) Book of Nothing To Help You ‘Unthink’. 

The book was launched in March. Addressing the Midland and Eastern Regional Weekend in Glendalough, Gerry spoke movingly about the personal tragedy which,in part, inspired him to put pen to paper in the hope of helping others.

Gerry stressed that the book is about Love, what he terms “that big L – the Energy that carries all persons and things”.

“When at the end of my life, I stand before the Lord of Song, and He asks me what I did with the hardship, I will say to Him: I used the hardship to write a book; I learned about forgiveness, about the human need to restore our dignity after the disasters we all encounter from time to time, and about human ingenuity in facing seemingly insurmountable problems, like those faced by Nelson Mandela.

“I am so proud to have witnessed Love which, ultimately, will be victorious over all forms of human suffering. Yes, Lord, I have written a book and I hope You like it, and I hope it is useful to my brothers and sisters.”

The book costs €10 plus €4 for post and packaging. To order a copy of the book, contact Gerry on 087 4180549.