‘Let the Sun Shine Through’ – A Poem by Patrick

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When you are lonely and feel overwhelmed by the dark shadows of doubt
Talking to a friend, family member or professional person may help you out.
Sometimes it’s not that simple as the darkness might have you feeling like a slave.
Walking along a beach may let in the sunlight or by listening to the peaceful sound of the ocean wave.
People miss the sunlight in their life because of addiction, poor mental health and feelings of shame.

Letting the sunlight shine through can heal and cleanse within, by stop trying to pass the blame.
If you suffer seasonal affective disorder you may miss the bright hot days and dread, dark cold night.
Some have spirituality, prayer, meditation, religion and recovery helping lead them to their sunlight.
Coming out of a dark place in your life can be difficult therefore getting well seems almost strange.
Walking in the sunlight means leaving darkness behind and moving on in life, overcoming fear to change.
Try not to be depressed if you make a mistake
Start by telling or buying yourself something nice.
A situation might occur in life – if you’re in the sunlight you’ll be calm, intuitive and will think twice.
If you find dark times coming again in a person, place or thing maybe shadowing the sunlight’s view
Think how good life is and well you feel – how you’ve travelled by letting the sunlight shine through.
Thank you to Patrick for submitting this poem.