Little Things – Big Differences

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 This piece has been written by a South East GROWer.

Little steps makebig changes (2)

Little changes can make such a big difference.

For several years, I’d get extremely wound up trying to compose an email. The more my stomach got knotted with tension, the more my brain went blank.

One day by accident (rather than by intention), I decided to leave the office and go for a walk at lunchtime. I walked down to the local park, found a sunny spot, looking out on a broad, sweeping view below and ate my lunch.20170516_165033

Out in nature for a change, I started to tune in to my senses rather than obsessing about the chattering thoughts and doubts in my mind.

My sense of taste drew my attention to my sandwich. My ears heard the excited cries of children playing. My eyes were drawn to their sounds and I noticed their sheer delight at lying down and rolling down a hill. Pure fun can be found in the simplest of ways . . .

It’s amazing how many sightssounds and smells there is at lunchtime in a park. Looking at my phone, I realised time had flown and I needed to get going.

As I hurried back to the office, a curious thing happened. With no conscious effort, words came together in my mind. So when I sat at my computer to type the email, everything flowed and I could press ‘send’ feeling satisfied, with no niggling doubts.

Over time, I’ve learned to use opportunities to get out of my head and do something entirely different – walk in the park, talk to a colleague, move boxes up or down the stairs – anything that might break the sense of ‘being stuck’.

People tell me I’m practicing a form of mindfulness.  My sense is that I’m learning not to forces things.

What needs doing will come together in its own time. Trying to force things will not speed them up.

‘Everything flows, nothing stays still’ – Heraclitus