The Power of GROW – A Poem by Lisa

The Power of GROW

The following remarkable poem on the power of GROW has been penned by South East GROW member, Lisa.

My head was so messed up
I felt so all alone
I had been hurt in life so much
My heart had turned to stone.

I was feeling my life was over
I had nowhere else to turn
I was feeling I wanted to end it all
I wanted to leave everyone and just run.

I will never forget the day
When GROW came into my life
It was the start of my great journey
To become me, not just a mother and wife.

The programme and GROW ‘Blue Book’ are amazing
And all the members, they really care
We all are there to help and support each other
It makes it so much easier to share.

Personal value, responsibility and the 12 steps
Have really helped me through
Tasks and pieces of the Blue Book pushed me
To do what I needed to.

I want to say to everyone that’s feeling low like I was before
There is hope for the future and great support if you
Just walk through GROW’s door.

Thank you so, so much to Lisa for her inspiring poem.