‘We Acknowledged our Gifts and our Strengths’

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This very powerful and reflective piece on Step 4 of the GROW Program – ‘We Acknowledged our Gifts and our Strengths’ has been submitted by a South East GROWer.

At GROW groups, it is not difficult to acknowledge the gifts and strengths of those sharing the circle with you.

From the comfort of your own chair, you can admire the authenticity and courage of others; you can wish you had a deep-rooted skill like what the guitar player has; or the compassion of the carer coping with untenable circumstances.
How about people with serious health issues who get on with everyday challenges regardless? Pause to imagine your fellow GROWers at a meeting. Pause to absorb this wonderful collection of kindred spirits. Their gifts, strengths and spirit pulsate an energy into the room.

Meanwhile, think of them in their chairs, doing the same. From where they are sitting, you are another one of the remarkable, gifted people bringing strength and insights to the gathering.

Sometimes you (or I) will be told precisely about a strength or gift we possess, we might pay lip service to the advice on page 64 of the Blue Book: “When anybody pays you a compliment say ‘Thank you’.

Let’s get back to page 7, Step 4: “We acknowledged our gifts and our strengths”.

Read that again: We acknowledged our gifts and our strengths. Did you ever think about what the whole group has, what gifts and strengths we have by coming together?

We are people, rising to our challenges using whatever resources we can muster. We connect to each other’s spirit, to our collective essence, and appreciate the gifts and talents we all bring. You (or I) witness fellow travellers who are clever, kind, resourceful, or good with their hands. People in our circle of chairs have tapped in to a resilience we didn’t know we had.

Step 4 says that weacknowledge our gifts and strengths; we shouldn’t get too preoccupied about choosing words and listing them. The spirit is within you, around you, permeating what happens within GROW.

We are all in this together; equally and together, and, wherever they come from, we are actually pooling our gifts and strengths. All of us are hamstrung when we try to put our own individual merits into words. All of us marvel at the stories you (or I) tell, the wisdom you (or I) share. All of us are awestruck by the ability of you (or me) to have risen this far in life’s journey.