Well Done Tracey on Tesco Campaign for GROW

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Well done to Tracey, organiser with GROW’s Group in Edenderry, for her fantastic efforts in getting GROW selected as one of Tesco’s blue token community campaign recipients.20170812_123447

For the past 16 weeks, Tracey has been diligently filling in nomination forms in Tesco in Edenderry in Co. Offaly and attaching an information leaflet about GROW in the hope that GROW would be chosen to be recipient of Tesco’s Community Fund.

Every eight weeks, each Tesco store nationwide donates up to €1,000 to local good causes, with shoppers deciding which charity to donate their ‘blue tokens’ to.

Members of the public can nominate any good cause for the Community Fund be it a charity or volunteer group. So do your good deed for the day and nominate GROW in your community.tesco screenshot

Simply fill out the form in your local Tesco store or by nominate GROW online by clicking here.