What is Grow?

Grow is a mutual help movement working in the field of mental health. Grow wishes to make a connection with everybody – those of all religions and those of none. Essential to Grow’s message is that we reach out and connect with something beyond ourselves. Within this text the word ‘God’ is used sparingly. The hope is that the term ‘Greater Power’ is more accommodating – to those of all religions and those of none.

Our meetings are anonymous, nondenominational and open to all. Since the groups are run by our own members, quality leadership training is provided.

Groups are small, usually in single figures and last about two hours. They are followed by refreshments. Our meetings are free with small voluntary contributions welcome to cover the venue expenses.

No introductions are needed. Just come along.

Con Keogh*, with a small group of other people, started Grow in Sydney, Australia in 1957, as an offshoot of Alcoholics Anonymous. It has since spread to other countries coming to Ireland in 1969. The Grow 12 Step Program was born out of the pain and wisdom of people grappling with recovery from various forms of mental illness. From there it quickly evolved into a movement which included personal growth and prevention as well as recovery.

*For more on Con’s story read Soul Survivors 2


  • Hope of recovery.
  • A roadmap to mental health.
  • A way through personal roadblocks’.
  • Encouragement and support of others.
  • An opportunity to share your story with others.

How to best use Grow

  • To learn from the Grow Program.
  • To become comfortable using the Group Method.
  • To develop leadership and increasingly to cooperate with others.

“The only person who cannot be helped by Grow is the man or woman who is in real need and does not know it or will not admit it.”