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We also Tackled our Weaknesses and Failures

This piece on Step 5 of GROW’s 12 Step Program, “we also tackled our weaknesses and failures”, was kindly provided by Stan. To delay or put on the long finger indefinitely the task of tackling our weaknesses and failures we won’t use comparisons like…

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Letting Go

Editor’s note: The new wording for Step 5 of GROW’s 12 Step Program is: ‘We also tackled our weaknesses and failures’ (that’s after acknowledging our gifts and our strengths in Step 4). This paper, by Sarto from GROW’s Western Region, illustrates how “letting go” is…

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GROW 12 Step Program – Step 5

We also tackled our weaknesses and failures. (new wording). We made moral inventory and cleaned out our hearts. (original old wording). This article on Step 5 of the GROW 12 Step Program is a selection of pieces by different writers who explore how different aspects of…

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