GROW Cork Annual Summer Trip

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The Cork GROW annual summer trip was held on Saturday, June 30th, with 25 people in attendance. The first stop was the historic town of Cobh, where all boarded the boat for Spike Island.

For many years, Cobh was the port of Cork. The Titanic made its last stop here before its fateful journey in 1912. Cobh was also the last glimpse of Ireland for people who emigrated during the famine. In 1849, Cobh was renamed Queenstown after Queen Victoria paid a visit. The name lasted until Irish Independence in 1921 when the local council reverted to the Irish – Cobh.

The group spent a few hours on Spike Island – Ireland’s answer to Alcatraz. Spike Island, originally the site of a monastic settlement, is dominated by the 18th century, Fort Mitchel. In the 1640’s, Cromwell used it as a holding centre for those being deported to the West Indies.  From 1847, convicts were detained long-term on the island. In 1985, Spike Island was a prison once again, holding over 120 civilian prisoners.

“On our return to Cobh, we enjoyed a beautiful meal in the Commodore Hotel. Everyone enjoyed the very well organised trip and the glorious sunshine brightened our spirits. A special thanks to Maria for organising the event and Dominic who obliged by taking the photographs,” says Southern Area Coordinator Treasa Twomey.