Holistic Centre of Excellence Hosts Three Events in aid of GROW

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Three events will take place in LimerickEnnis and Nenagh this August, with all proceeds being generously donated to GROW.

The three ‘An Evening with Anna’ events will focus on the theme of living ‘stress less’ and are being hosted by Anna Gibson Steel, CEO of the Holistic Centre of Excellence.

Anna Gibson Steel spoke about the ‘An Evening with Anna’ events to Ilovelimerick.ie: “The purpose of the evening is to raise awareness of the importance of mental health and to help people understand how stress operates, emotionally, physically and mentally in their bodies. To give them an understanding of it to make change moving forward.

“You can’t change the stress that’s in your life but you can change what you do with that information on the inside. It’s about helping people to live in today’s world in a way that they can optimise their health and well-being. I will incorporate the energetics of it as well, it’s not just about the physical and mental aspects but also the energy. Energy is a key component to a solution.”

The dates and locations for ‘An Evening with Anna’ are:

  • Monday, August 21, 8:30 pm Limerick Strand Hotel, Limerick
  • Tuesday, August 22, 8:30 pm, Woodstock Hotel, Ennis
  • Wednesday, August 23, 8:30 pm, Ashley Park House, Nenagh

Tickets for ‘An Evening with Anna’ are €5, with proceeds from all three events going to GROW.

To book a ticket for the events, click here.