Lunchtime Poetry Lesson in Limerick

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A small but enthusiastic crowd gathered for a “Lunchtime Limerick Lesson” in the GROW office in Limerick on March 22nd as part of the Limerick Lifelong Learning Festival.

Many thanks to Dominic Taylor from the Limerick Writers’ Centre who gave a talk on the history of the limerick poetry form and assisted participants in composing limericks with a GROW mental health theme.

For those interested in this form of poetry, there is an event on Monday, April 30th at 7:30pm in Nelly’s Corner Cafe, Nicholas Street in Limerick. This is part of April Poetry Month in Limerick and a taster for the International Bring Your Limericks to Limerick competition in the summer.

A selection of limericks…

On my very first visit to GROW
I was shy as I walked in real slow
And I spoke not a word
Yet the things that I heard
Made me glad I’d decided to go. (Rose).

There’s a lovely kind lady called Joan
If you ring GROW she’ll answer the phone
And she’ll tell you the score
About meetings and more
So you don’t ever feel you’re alone. (Rose).

There once was a young man named Joe
Who often felt tragically low
He got some advice
‘Twas very precise
The help that you need is in GROW. (Rob).

There once was a young man from GROW
Who didn’t expect all the snow
He ran out of bread
Just stayed in his bed
‘Til the snowfall had started to slow. (Stephen).

Photographed, left to right, are Stephen, Dominic Taylor, Rose and Rob.