Soul Survivors Volume 3

Published in 2013, this book contains a collection of personal stories and papers. However, Soul Survivors 3 differs from its predecessors in several ways.

Each chapter contains a paper written by a professional who shares GROW’s belief in recovery (Orla Muldoon, John Lonergan, Mark Patrick Hederman, Ivor Browne, Sr Stanislaus Kennedy, Maureen Gaffney, Dr Ronan Fawsitt, Padraig ÕMorain, Paul Bokslag and Tony Bates).  It also contains several Leaders Papers by members of GROW and to emphasize the international dimension of GROW, we have included stories by Growers in other countries.

Perhaps the most radical aspect of this book is that the stories are ‘focused testimonies’. None are meant to represent ‘the full story’ of a person’s life. Instead, each of the 9 chapters explores some key ‘theme’ that is relevant to us all. A few of the stories are a combined group sharing on issues like ‘trust’, forgiveness’ etc.

Available now from all GROW Offices nationwide.

Soul Survivors Volume 2

GROW’s second volume of personal testimonies, was launched in Dublin on October 2003, World Mental Health Day.

With a foreword from Vincent Browne and an introduction from Minister of State, Tim O’ Malley, the second volume contains stories from 27 GROW members from all around the country. The book represents a fascinating insight into the process of mental breakdown and recovery.

Available from all GROW offices nationwide.

Soul Survivors Volume 1

Published in 1996, this book tells the stories of twenty-two people and how they overcame mental illness and breakdown in Ireland. This short collection of personal stories are told by ordinary people, in their own words and using their own insights.

The book contains an introduction by former Minister of State, Brian O’ Shea and a foreword by Maureen Potter.

(currently out of print)