Sell Out Performance of Play, ‘Lunatic, There I Go’

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Journalist Alana Kirk, GROW CEO Michele Kerrigan, Josen McGrane, First Fortnight board, Gill McCaw and Andrea Scott.

Well done to all involved in the powerful, inspiring and thought-provoking play, “Lunatic, There I Go”, which was staged at First Fortnight, Ireland’s Mental Health Arts Festival 2018 in association with GROW.

Floating World Productions presented the sell-out play at the Civic Theatre in Tallaght last week. Such was the response to the performance that an extra matinee performance was staged to accommodate the demand for tickets.

The play, supported by GROW, opened on Tuesday, January 2nd and continued until Saturday, January 6th. Andrea Scott performed the role of Hanna Greally in the play, written by Gill McCaw and based on Hanna’s book, ‘Bird’s Nest Soup.

In the play, a young Irish woman agrees to visit the local ‘Big House’ for a rest and gets a lot more than she bargained for. In this true story of love and loss between mother and daughter, Hanna tells of her extended stay at St. Loman’s Psychiatric Institution, Mullingar.

The stage adaptation of her well-known book blended images, music, text and movement to bring audiences into Hanna’s inner world, revealing the people who helped or hindered her on this astonishing journey of abandonment and survival.

Each performance of the play was followed by a post-performance discussion, in keeping with the aim of the First Fortnight Festival to challenge stimga surrounding mental health. On various nights, the discussion panel featured GROW’s National Programme Coordinator, Christine Fitzgerald, CEO Michele Kerrigan and National Chairman, Rob Stephen, among others.

The play marked the result of a four-year collaboration between Andrea Scott, Artistic Director of Floating World Productions and writer and independent producer, Gill McCaw.

Andrea has a strong background in movement and dance and has worked extensively in theatre, particularly in collaboration with diverse artists and contemporary classical musicians. Gill is best known for the sell-out show Green Street, the site specific show which took place in Dublin’s former Special Criminal Court and which she co-wrote and produced.

Both Andrea and Gill have had their work performed in Dublin’s Fringe Festival.