Oliver (Galway Organiser)

When I was first asked to become organiser for the Galway Monday morning group I was initially very nervous & apprehensive…would I be as able as the last organiser was? Would I do the job as well?

For the first few weeks I put the head down & persevered & stuck it out until I got used to the role. Then I gradually got more & more comfortable with it and I found I was able to do the job. That took a while.

Examples of group tasks were; to get more information on how to write out single issue testimonies – “Tell the untellable to someone”. Another example of a group task was to improve 12 step work – “A friend is as near as the nearest phone”.

These tasks and pieces of the blue book were very important and necessary to keep the group on the right track.

The Organiser’s & Recorder’s meetings were very well organised and ran smoothly. Any group problems or issues were tackled and resolved. Each group was given a task and piece of the blue book to keep us going in the right direction.

The difference between being an ordinary GROWer & an Organiser is that there is more responsibility. You have to have a bigger input into the group or more of a say. You have to take on the responsibility of organising 12 step coffees or cinema nights. I don’t mind that kind of work now.

In short, becoming an Organiser was a big but necessary step in my development as a GROW member and I am now the better for it.

Oliver – Galway, October 2014.