Very Enjoyable Southern Outing to Muckross House

A regional social outing was held in the Southern area on Saturday, October 7th at Muckross House, gardens and farms.

GROWers from Cork and Kerry attended, incorporating a wide range of groups including Mallow, Macroom, Tralee, Killarney and Dingle.

The event took place on a beautiful autumnal day which showed off the park and farms in all their splendour.

“We got a fantastic insight into the life and challenges of the gentry in Muckross House itself, as well as an understanding of life on the farm for the workers at that time,” highlights Area Coordinator Colette Flannery.

GROWers enjoyed lunch at the visitor centre and the day was really enjoyable as everyone got an opportunity to take time out from the normal group routine and appreciate the friendship and community that is GROW.

Much thanks to Mary and Jerry for organising the trip.