‘We Tackled our Weaknesses and Failures’ – Step 5

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This piece on Step 5 of the GROW Program – ”We Tackled our Weaknesses and Failures’ has been submitted by a South East GROW member.

It’s vital we remember that Step 5 comes AFTER Step 4  – “we acknowledged our gifts and our strengths”. One reason we need to face up to our limitations is that this in turn frees us up to better cultivate our strengths.John Rice quote

Using the metaphor of a garden, we tackle the weeds (our weaknesses) in order for the crops/flowers (our strengths) to blossom.

Before joining GROW, many of us were afraid to admit to our weaknesses as we felt this would make us inferior to everyone else.

At GROW, we learn that other GROWers struggle with similar fears and limitations.  Then we realise that every human being struggles – it’s an integral part of being human.

In GROW’s Blue Book, The Dividing Line (p52) states that the ‘the line between mental health and mental illness . . . does not divide society into this group or that group.  The dividing line passes down through the heart of every single one of us or fluctuates depending on my stage of growth or decline’.

There is a danger that we primarily blame either ourselves or others for all our problems.  In GROW, we learn that even though every human being has flaws, ‘the bad in us can be remedied and the good can grow’.

Applying the Serenity Prayer we learn that we can only change ourselves, not others.

Focusing on inner change rather than obsessively and constantly pointing the finger offers a true way out of victimhood towards self-acceptance and contentment.