‘What GROW has Meant for Me’ – Bernie

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“Before coming to GROW, although I was in full-time employment, my life had little focus. I lacked motivation, and didn’t know what I wanted from life. I struggled to see a way forward.

I joined GROW and slowly began to share my story. It was an enormous relief to learn that I was not alone in having these feelings and, also, to be accepted without judgement for who I was.

I began taking small tasks to give my week more focus. When I felt I had a grasp on this, I wanted to try bring more meaning to my life.

I became an active member of my group. I started to lead meetings and soon became group organiser.

This gave me the confidence to become a volunteer with my local Brownie group. I thoroughly enjoyed this role and it brought meaning and a purpose to my life – something I didn’t have before joining GROW.

Today, I consider my GROW members my second family. They are people I can trust, who I feel I can be myself around, and they accept me for who I am.”

This testimony has been written by Bernie from the South East and was delivered at a recent ARI (Advancing Recovery in Ireland) event in Carlow.