*Special Group : Ceart Group*

Who are we ?

We are a mutual help group providing ongoing support, information and encouragement to people managing chronic illness. We have been running since 2005 and meet every Friday morning in Grow Office Barrack St Kilkenny from 10.30am.

Much research around the world has shown that mutual help of this kind is a crucial ingredient in tackling illness. The mutual help group not only provides understanding and encouragement but it taps into each person’s unique experience of learning to live above and in spite of illness.

Who is the group for ?

The group has members with a diverse range of illness, from heart conditions to diabetes to head injury, Fibromyalgia and Rheumatism or MS, it includes all chronic conditions.

How does it work?

The group is founded on the principle that whatever a person’s condition their experiences are uniquely valuable. Meetings are anonymous, confidential and free.

What is a meeting like?

Our meetings start with a cup of tea. Meetings follow a particular structure. Leadership is shared, so after a few meetings you may be expected to take your turn.

The most important part of the meeting involves each person deciding on a priority for the week. This will be unique to them and their current need. The priority could do with managing the illness…learning and practicing new techniques, starting a diet or exercise regime. It could be to contact another organisation or expert, or to investigate your entitlements. On the other hand it could be to do with enjoying your life, making sure that you are involved in enjoyable things. That you are not becoming isolated, it could encourage you to develop a talent or to take on a new direction.

The meeting can also be used to discuss how you are feeling. It is amazing how others who are in the same situation can understand and offer support when you find the going tough and seem to be making no progress. The meetings are also educational, studying helpful and relevant literature.

These meetings are anonymous, confidential and non denominational.

For more information contact:
CEART, the Courthouse, Callan, 0567755757
GROW, Barrack St., Kilkenny 0567761624 or ring 0863352368

This is a Ceart/GROW initiative.
Come Along You will be Most Welcome.