Corporate Fundraising

Corporate Social Responsibility has become a major consideration among modern businesses who believe it is important to play a visible and positive role in their communities. GROW in Ireland benefits hugely from the generosity of many such corporate organisations.

They support us through activities like payroll giving, corporate events and Christmas donations. Owners, directors, staff and customers all play a significant role in raising the €1.6 million we need each year to support and maintain 130 groups across the country.

GROW in Ireland is eager to form meaningful and lasting partnerships with organisations who wish to improve the lives of those suffering from mental health difficulties. Indeed their help may go to an employee or employees of the organisation. Direct financial assistance, benefit in kind and volunteering are all ways corporate organisations can contribute positively to the work of GROW in Ireland.

To find out more about Corporate Partnerships call 01-840 8236

Your Own Corporate Event

Why not get involved and organise your own fundraising event in your work place? You can get your family, friends and work colleagues to help and have some fun along the way. Typical corporate fundraising events include pub quizzes, golf classics, non-uniform/suit days, coffee mornings and other events. See our fundraising guidelines section.

GROW in Ireland has a wide range of promotional materials available for any person or group wishing to put on an event. We will gladly promote it on our website.

Donating Shares

Donating shares or equities to GROW in Ireland is a simple and straightforward way to help support people who are suffering from mental health difficulties. Transferring shares that you no longer require to a charity is simple and tax efficient. Perhaps the shares are no longer part of your investment plan or you want to donate to a good cause but have no accessible cash?

When you donate shares to GROW in Ireland, the values of the shares, along with all costs involved in transferring them, are deductible from the tax you must pay. You are also exempt from capital gains tax.
For further details please call 01-8408236