GROW Fundraising Guide

Getting Started

There is a whole range of ways you can fundraise to make a difference to people affected by mental health problems. You might want to take part in an existing event like a Mini Marathon, Full Marathon, run, cycle or else organise an event of your own choosing. If you want to give it a go you should:

  • Work out how much time you have to commit to fundraising
  • Choose something based on your interests that you’ll enjoy
  • Pick a manageable amount that you’ll attempt to raise
  • Think about who you can you get involved and how to interest them

Tried and Tested

Here are a range of classic fundraising ideas – find more in our A-Z of fundraising.

  • Sponsored events
  • Donations for GROW in Ireland instead of birthday, wedding or anniversary gifts
  • Coffee Mornings and Cake Breaks
  • Raffles and Auctions (ask us for advice on regulations!)
  • Concerts
  • Dinner Dances
  • Comedy Nights
  • Sporting Competitions
  • Non-Uniform/Dress Down Days
  • Dress Up Days
  • Quiz Nights
  • Skydive
  • Wine or Food Tasting

Planning Tips

After deciding on your event you need to give yourself enough time to organise:

Choose a Date

Ensure your event does not clash with any other important local or national events or that another charity is not running an event at the same time.


Set out a clear budget that takes account of venue hire, insurance, food and drink and promotional materials such as flyers.

Make sure that you set up proper financial processes to record income and expenditure and keep copies of all receipts and records of donations made.

Ask local businesses to sponsor your event – it helps create awareness.


The venue you choose can have a big impact on the atmosphere and attraction of your event. Some outdoor venues need permission from the council or landowners so this could take some time to organise. The venue should be wheelchair accessible, easy to get to and suitable for the activities you have planned.

When you book your venue make sure that you get written confirmation detailing:

  • Date/ time area will be used for event
  • Hire costs and other potential costs
  • Site plan of event layout
  • Venue contacts for the event day
  • Full terms and conditions

Register Your Event
To register your event please send an e-mail to [email protected] or call us on 01- 8408236 with the following information:

  • Date/ Time/ Location of event
  • Contact name and delivery address for promotional materials if required
  • Approximate numbers of participants you are expecting

We can then promote your event on our website

Promotional Materials

Once you have registered your event, we will organise promotional material for your event if required (e.g. T-shirts, stickers, sponsorship cards, leaflets).

Please send any photos or updates from your event to [email protected]

GROW in Ireland’s registered charity number is CHY 9319

How To Promote Your Event

Publicity is the key to making your event successful and getting people to lend their support. Here are some ways of creating awareness:

  • Post details on your Facebook page and ask your company to post it on their website also. GROW in Ireland will also promote the event on our Facebook
  • Email your friends, family and colleagues and ask them to forward on to their contacts
  • Get on Twitter and tweet about your event
  • Use local media to publicise your event. We can assist you with publicising your event
  • Place posters and leaflets in your workplace, local shops, libraries, schools, colleges, hospitals, community halls, sports centres and anywhere else you can think of
  • Ask local businesses for sponsorship
  • Get local celebrities involved who would be prepared to come along and support the event, rugby player, local radio DJ, TV personality?

Working with the Media

Engaging with the local media can result in free publicity for your event. Picking an unusual event will ensure more press and general interest. GROW in Ireland can assist with publishing your event contact us at [email protected]

Recruiting Volunteers To Help With Your Event

You may need to recruit some enthusiastic volunteers to help with the organisation on the day. They can assist you with registration, putting up signs and banners, handing out promotional material, setting up and clearing up after the event. To protect all involved you will need to ensure that you are covered by insurance for your event.

Health and Safety/ Legal Requirements


Always seek permission from the owner of the premises before you hold your event for example bag packing requires the permission of the supermarket etc. Holding an event in a public space requires a Garda permit from your local Garda office. You will need to apply a couple of weeks in advance for this.


You will need to ensure you are covered by insurance: Check public liability insurance. Events such as art exhibitions and concerts may require additional cover.

First Aid

If an event is open to the public you must have first aid representatives on site and make sure they are available to transport people who may need hospital care. You can also contact St John’s Ambulance or the Order of Malta for more physical events such as cycling in a public area.

Check List

Public Collections
Please ensure that all collection boxes are sealed and that they are never too full and are emptied regularly. Volunteers should collect in pairs for safety reasons and make sure that you are aware of their location. Ensure that they do not carry personal valuables with them as GROW in Ireland cannot be held responsible for any loss or damage to items.

Care of Proceeds
Please ensure that all money is kept secure and that there is someone in charge of looking after it throughout the event. When counting funds raised please do so in the presence of another to avoid discrepancies.

Risk Assessment
At the venue identify any possible hazards that may occur on the day of the event and try to minimise or prevent them.
Make sure your event is child friendly and that there are meeting points for children and parents.

Check if the venue has Public Liability Insurance to cover the event in case of accident or damage. Ensure that the insurance policy fully covers the activities that are taking place.

Check if the venue has Public Liability Insurance to cover the event in case of accident or damage. Ensure that the insurance policy fully covers the activities that are taking place.

Fire Safety
Ensure that the venue has fire safety regulations in place and it is also a good idea to have an evacuation procedure in place. Make sure all volunteers and staff are aware of this procedure in advance.

After the Event

Thank Everyone
The volunteers and organisations who have helped out with your event have worked hard and should be thanked. Always let them know how much was raised.

Post the Proceeds
Once all funds raised are collected please send a cheque/ postal order made payable to GROW in Ireland 6, Forrest Mews, Forrest Road, Swords, Co Dublin. An official receipt will be forwarded to you.

Record the Event
If you have photographs from your event please forward to us by email in order that they can be uploaded to our Facebook page and website.

If you have any questions on any of the above or wish to receive a copy of our fundraising policy please contact: [email protected]

The A-Z of Fundraising

  • Auction, antiques fair
  • Bike ride, book sale, BBQ, barn dance
  • Cake Break, coffee morning, carol singing, craft sale
  • Dog walking, darts tournament, disco
  • Easter egg hunt, egg and spoon races, eighties night
  • Fancy dress, face painting, fashion show, football match
  • Garage sale, golf classic, garden party, Guinness record attempt
  • Head shave, hiking
  • International food evening, It’s a knockout, indoor games
  • Juggling, job-swap, jazz evening
  • Knobbly knees contest, karaoke, knit-a-thon
  • Luncheon, Ladies who dine, line dance
  • Music, mystery tour, murder mystery evening
  • Non-uniform day, name that tune, nearly new sale
  • Open garden day, orange themed day, obstacle races
  • Picnic for teddies, plant stall, penalty shoot-out, pilates night
  • Quiz night, question time, quit it
  • Races, raffle, recipe book stall, rock ’n’ roll event
  • Sponsored activity, salsa night, slimming challenge, swimathon, walk
  • Three-legged races, team challenges, trek challange
  • Unwanted goods sale
  • Vintage car rally, Valentine’s ball
  • Welly throwing, wacky hat contest, wine tasting evening
  • Xmas party, Xmas draw
  • Yo-yo competition, yellow themed night, yoga night
  • Zumba evening