GROW launch online groups for new members

 A welcome new addition in the quest to help people recover from mental health challenges has been launched by GROW Mental Health Recovery.

GROW provides peer-support for individuals who may be struggling with a wide range of mental health issues and has 130 community-based meetings across the country.

Using the experience of others who have taken control of their own recovery, the programme helps you focus on your strengths, not weaknesses, as you work towards wellbeing and recovery.

The success of online meetings for current groups, allied to the increasing need for mental health support due to the Coronavirus pandemic, prompted the move to launch meetings for new members. In order to help people take this first step, an online introduction is being provided along with information on the website to give a full explanation of what is on offer.

To register you interest just fill out the form on the website and a representative from GROW will call to help cater for your needs.

In launching the initiative, GROW Mental Health Recovery CEO Michele Kerrigan,

“Over the past number of weeks we have witnessed an increasing number of people looking to access our services and we are delighted now to be in a position to offer online support meetings to new members for the first time.

“We commenced the service on May 26th and the response has been extremely encouraging. Already we have launched three new meetings with more in the process of being established, which illustrates just how much our service is needed.

Ms Kerrigan encouraged everyone to look after their own mental health and be aware of the needs of family members or friends at all times, but particularly in the current climate, as she outlined the benefits of peer-support through GROW.

“In peer support everyone’s views and experiences are equally valued, rather than anyone being seen as more of an expert than others. How much support you give and receive can vary depending on what feels right for you at different times.

“There is no judgement – everyone is accepted where they are. In GROW it doesn’t matter if you are good academically or have literacy issues, young or older, man or woman – everyone is equal.

“Everyone in that room wants the best for the person sitting next to them because they know how hard it can be. When one person makes progress the group feel they have made progress,” she added.

If you are interested in finding out more or joining an online group, visit our website at or email [email protected] with your phone number to receive a call back.

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