GROW Mental Health Education Programme in Mayo

Are you living in or near Charlestown and would you like to learn more about supporting your mental and emotional well-being or providing support to others?

A free four-week Community Mental Health Education Programme is being run by the mental health charity, GROW, in conjunction with the HSE, entitled ‘Understanding and Minding your Mental Health’ and commences in the Charlestown Pastoral Centre on Tuesday February 18th.

Over the course of four Tuesdays, a variety of topics will be explored. All sessions take place from 7pm to 8pm and are free of charge. Those interested can attend one or all nights.

The aim of this programme is to promote community awareness around mental health issues and to open up discussion and inform people about supports.

Given that we live in a time when a lot of people are experiencing difficulties, financial, emotional, physical and psychological, GROW Mental Health Recovery hopes that this five week programme will provide information around how to mind your mental health in challenging times and direct people towards the supports that are available.

The topic for the first week of the course is ‘Mental Health Challenges and Recovery’ ‘Recovery and Recovery Education’ with Michel Ryan and will be followed by ‘Recovery College Explained’ with Karen McHale in the second week. On Tuesday March 24th Sylvia Duffell will speak on ‘Strengthen and Support your Personal Resilience’. The topic in week 4 is ‘Introduction to Peer Support into our Mental Health Services’ with Patrick Smyth.

GROW is that it is a community-based organisation that provides support and education around emotional and mental wellbeing through weekly free meetings.

These meetings provide mutual help, understanding and encouragement to those who are struggling with any aspect of mental health from depression to stress, anxiety, loneliness and isolation and to those experiencing financial and physical difficulties.

Contact Emily on 086 4183543 or [email protected]


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