Be Sorry for Those Who Don’t Understand (Instead of Resenting Them) B.B GROW Wisdoms – Understanding (Self Knowledge) page 86

  1. We can choose our reaction to those who do not understand
  2. By understanding that not everyone will have the same perspective as us we feel more at peace
  3. People walk different roads in life and we may not understand another’s journey no more than they will completely understand ours
  4. By placing our energy on what others think or feel about us we can become drained, resentful, angry and feel a lack of energy for what is really important in our lives
  5. Focus your energy on your own self-care and not on what others think of us or over explaining ourselves
  6. Once we take responsibility for our own well-being we no longer blame others, we are changing so we can make a change for the good in our life
  7. You ve got to love people back to health – B.B GROW Wisdoms page88 Begin by loving ourselves, what others think of us becomes less important
  8. Resentment robs us of our own peace, it is us who suffers if we hold resentment
  9. “I am sorry you don’t understand” – Sometimes this is all we need to say
  10. We are all one – living a human experience, but not all our experiences will be the same.

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