How can I help someone with mental health issues?

Research confirms that support from family and friends is a key part of helping someone who is going through a mental illness. This support provides a network of practical and emotional help. These networks can be made up of parents, children, siblings, spouses or partners, extended families, close friends and others who care about us like neighbours, coworkers, coaches and teachers. Some people have larger networks than others, but most of us have at least a few people who are there for us when we need them.

There are a number of ways that family and friends can help in someone’s journey of recovery from a mental illness:

Grow meetings could be a good start to understand what is going on and get advice on how to approach the person in need of help. The meetings are anonymus and free where you’ll find answers to your questions and concerns from first hand.

GROW members attend a weekly meeting lasting about two hours during which a specific Group Method is followed which enables them to learn a practical psychology of mental health, known as the GROW Program. Members provide mutual support in undertaking certain tasks that encourage a healthy change in thinking, behaviour and/or relationships.

GROW provides access to leadership development for its members to ensure that its Groups are both friendly and safe. All leadership is drawn from GROW’s 12 Step Program of mental health, which has been tried and tested over almost fifty years.

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Talk to your GP and ask for advice. Go to the local Mental Health Centre and ask them what support you can get in the area. If you’re majorly concerned, book an appointment with a psychologist who will help you deal with the situation and advice you on how to offer your help, and get constructively involved.

Downlaod Our Information booklet so you can understand better the different types of mental health issues, and to get someone useful tips what to do when someone you know shows the signs.

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It could be heartbreaking when you make all the efforts to help but cannot get through to the person you want to support. You need to understand they need time, and sometimes the closest friend is the hardest to open up to. Remember, you can still help by joining our team of Volunteers. You’ll learn everything about mental health, help vulnerable people and be part of an amazing peer-to-peer support community. Showing that you support anyone regardless, might break down the walls between you and the person you most wanted to help.

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