How GROW helps

Our Mission Statement:

To create new hope, sense of identity, meaning and valued connections by empowering you to nurture your own positive mental health and well-being through supporting personal growth and establishing a path to recovery with education, self-teaching and peer support.

Take charge of your recovery from a variety of mental health challenges with support and guidance of GROW Mental Health

GROW is Ireland’s leading community-based mental health recovery organisation that provides a practical path out of mental and emotional issues through weekly peer support meetings. The GROW Program empowers members to construct their own recovery plan to enable them to cope with life’s ordinary tasks. Its principal strength is the support its members give to each other, drawing on their own successful experiences of recovery. Research proves that attending GROW meetings on a regular basis helps people achieve practical tasks and goals, meet new people, expand their social skills and learn new skills, while also helping gain or progress in employment.

We achieve this through the following approaches:


We have a long history of promoting positive mental health and recovery in communities across Ireland. GROW has in the region of 120 different groups which meet each week, are open to all. GROW offers a structured, user-friendly and practical programme. The focus is ongoing peer support, mutual encouragement and understanding – people-supporting-other people.
Meetings are free, confidential and provide a safe, non-judgmental environmental. GROW is about breaking social isolation and promoting social connectedness.
GROW centres on the idea that “you alone can do it, but you can’t do it alone” and the CHIME concept of recovery – Connectedness, Hope, Identity, Meaning, Empowerment.


GROW is focused on recovery and helping people to develop coping skills by providing weekly practical, positive steps (12 steps). GROW also offers free Community Education Programmes, Workplace Programmes and workshops on Stress Management and Stress Control, in conjunction with the HSE. We deliver talks and workshops to businesses, community groups, second level schools and third level colleges or any organisation that would benefit from a greater understanding of mental health issues relating to them. GROW is keen to hear from anyone who would be interested in finding out how a presentation could benefit them. Also, GROW offers a course in leadership for its members.