Book Launch: Stories of Hope and Recovery

Book launch

The Grow community and guests gathered on May 17th for the launch of Stories of Hope and Recovery with readings from storytellers, comments from the editors and more,

Grow Mental Health Podcast: Gratitude

Grow Mental Health Podcast Gratitude

Join Jenny and Grow member Christine for a discussion on gratitude. Why is it important? How can it help you on your journey to wellness? What does a gratitude practice look like to you?

Grow Mental Health Podcast: Letting Go

Grow Mental Health Podcast Letting Go

Join Jenny, Emily, and Thomas for a raw and honest look at letting go for mental health. We talk about how to identify the things that are no longer healthy for us, how our Grow groups help us in the process of letting go, and what the world can look like when you are able to shed those habits, relationships, resentments that are holding your back from your own growth and recovery.

Grow Mental Health Podcast: Truth

Grow Mental Health Podcast on Truth

Join Jenny, Grow Member Myles and member and Area Coordinator Michelle as they discuss truth as the key to change, connection, integrity, and so much more. Myles and Michelle share their difficult journeys to living their truth. This one is not to be missed!

Marie’s Story

People come to their first Grow meeting for many reasons. Marie’s story is her own, but might sound familiar to so many. Read here how Grow Mental Helath helped Marie to feel connected and strong after a very difficult time in her lfe.

War Zone

by Maria Living with mental illness is a lot like living in a firing range. There are bullets, in the form of mood swings, anxiety, and fear being fired around and above you. Sometimes the noise of the bullets becomes dull and barely discernable. This is the ceasefire we longed, hoped and prayed for. The […]

Step 12 – We Carried Grow’s Message to Others in Need

by Maria   When we come to Grow Mental Health we are initially receivers. We may be broken, lost in the wilderness of mental suffering, with no clear direction of a pathway out. Our Grow group facilitates our journey in so many ways. We have found a safe place, where we are free to express […]

You Must Pass

 By Seamus Sharkey Kelly  Ireland: You must pass your leaving cert, you must get the Points, you must, you must. Oh and sorry there’s no place for you in college?? But here’s another reality: it’s not the end of the world if you don’t pass,  I know only too well. I don’t have a group cert I […]

Positive Living

By James Corcoran, Claremorris Group   When I came to live in Limerick in August 1979, I found it hard to settle in, Up to that time I did things on impulse and this was not a good way to solve problems. Then I began to go to Grow meetings and people there helped me […]

Men’s Health Week 2021 To all the men out there: we see you, hear you & appreciate you! Brave men like Seamus share their stories at our support groups every day and realise that they are not alone. The theme of this year’s Men’s Health Week is ‘Making the Connections’ and we really hope you do. Join one […]

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