GROW Wisdom – Anyone who has a conscience has a chance – B.B. page 86

The following are insights/tips given by GROW members during our Wednesday evenings topic meeting. It was suggested that going forward the group take a GROW Wisdom each week to discuss as a topic, giving us learning and understanding of the GROW program


  1. At the core of every person we know what is right and what is wrong
  2. Learning to listen to our instinct/gut can help give us guidance with conscience
  3. We sometimes tell ourselves little lies, rather than face our conscience eg. I don’t really need help, it’s not me, everyone else that is wrong, I am useless so there is no point in trying. Our conscience may be trying to tell us we need help, need to apologize and that we are valuable and can improve with the right steps towards a better life.
  4. Our true self is our happy self – Facing our truth helps us face our conscience – GROW Program B.B. page 86
  5. Admitting we may have lost our way and need direction can get us on the right path to recovery, listening to our conscience – Step 1 – GROW Program B.B page 7
  6. Sometimes we are too unwell to listen to our conscience, we zone out refusing to listen to its direction, with help from friends, family our doctors and our GROW meetings we can begin to tune into our true self again.
  7. We can all only do our best, sometimes we can be very hard on ourselves and allow negative talk ruin our peace of mind, asking ourselves if this thought is a feeling or a fact may help us clear our conscience and begin to recovery.
  8. Our conscience can niggle away at us if something feels wrong, learning to know ourselves well, listen to our conscience and remain true to what we know is right can help us stay well.
  9. Forgiving ourselves and others helps us have a clear conscience and be at peace
  10. Our conscience can be used like a road map, we only need to trust that it knows the way.

Louise Carroll – Area Coordinator- North East/ Eastern region


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