Frequently Asked Questions

How does GROW work?

GROW members attend a weekly meeting lasting about two hours during which a specific Group Method is followed which enables them to learn a practical psychology of mental health, known as the GROW Program. Members provide mutual support in undertaking certain tasks that encourage a healthy change in thinking, behaviour and/or relationships.

GROW Group meetings are chaired by ordinary members but each Group has an Organiser and a Recorder, or less often, a Sponsor (e.g. a nurse using GROW to support a group of Day-care clients) whose primary role is to ensure that the meeting is run appropriately. Each Group is supported by an Area Co-ordinator, many of whom have experienced GROW first hand. The Area Co-ordinator monitors the group’s authenticity in using the GROW Program.

GROW provides access to leadership development for its members to ensure that its Groups are both friendly and safe. All leadership is drawn from GROW’s 12 Step Program of mental health, which has been tried and tested over almost fifty years.

How do I join GROW?

No introductions are needed, just come along. No membership fees or dues are charged. Although no formal referrals are necessary, some come to GROW on the advice of their medical professionals, counsellors or spiritual advisors. For further information about Groups in your area please contact the GROW Office/Centre nearest you.

What is GROW’s attitude to medication?

Members are expected to deal directly and on their own responsibility with their doctors and must never be given cause to fear interference on the part of GROW or its representative. Members who are still under treatment are urged to obey carefully their doctor’s instructions.

Is GROW Confidential?

GROW is anonymous and confidential. It is a non-denominational organisation, open to all irrespective of beliefs. Members are encouraged to live up to their own faith, if they have one. GROW, nonetheless, is profoundly spiritual. It believes in the unique dignity and mystery of each human person. It recognises that hope, love and compassion, for oneself and for one another, are essential ingredients in all healthy human beings.

How effective is GROW?

GROW’s unique Group Method, 12 Step Program, and its Caring and Sharing Community, benefit its members in many ways. International research shows that “over a period of time they need significantly less professional help and have less chance of relapse. They are significantly more likely to be in employment and will have wider support networks. They are also more likely to reduce, or dispense with, medication.” (Rappaport et al, 1985)

How much does it cost?

GROW Meetings are free to attend. However, at the end of each meeting, attendees are invited to voluntarily contribute a few Euro to help pay for the tea, coffee & biscuits after the meeting and as a contribution towards room hire, where applicable. Usually a bag or envelope is passed around the room at the end of the meeting so that people can discretely place their donation.