Social Opportunities

We also meet up outside our Support Groups for some Social Interaction - Peer Connect work

At our core, Grow Mental Health is a network of peer support groups that meet both in person and online to work together toward mental wellness but we are more than our groups. People come to Grow for support and often find connection, friendship, and family. It all starts with the coffee, tea, biscuits, and chat at the end of each meeting. Once we hear the stories of hope and recovery shared during the meeting, we can feel more connected and less alone. The spark of connection through those post-meeting chats leads to a rekindling of our sense of community. Groups meet outside of their weekly slot for all kinds of social activities. A what’s app group is often set up between members of a group to organise and arrange some social outings.

Here are just a few of our Social Opportunities within Grow Mental Health;

There is no end to the social opportunities within Grow and something for everyone. We are a support network and so much more.

Grow Wisdom (extract from the Program book):
May the spirit of friendship make us free and whole persons, and gentle builders of a free and whole community.

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