Men's Mental Health

It is possible to feel alone, isolated or misunderstood even in our family homes surrounded by people who love us. But just know we are here to help - you don't have to go through this alone.

A key component of men’s mental health is their mental wellbeing and how well they can cope with whatever life throws at them.  It is their coping skills and mindset in areas of their life, such as in relationships, at work, play, and more, despite various ups and downs throughout their life.

Work pressure, financial issues, isolation, stress, anxiety, depression, physical health, loneliness or pure apathy can all undermine our quality of life, our relationships, our work and our zest for living. These are some of the most common men’s mental health issues.

Loneliness can strike and can affect us anywhere, any time and in any environment. One person can be very comfortable living alone in rural isolation or in a desert dwelling. Another can feel isolated and very lonely in the heart of a city or town. Loneliness and depression do not discriminate by race, gender or social class. They can afflict anybody at any time in any environment

  • Attending a weekly men’s online support group is a great forum to help improve your mental health and wellbeing. Men get an opportunity to share their stories, explore any difficulties and to support and challenge one another in a safe & confidential setting on their journey towards mental wellness. Men’s mental health support groups allows us all to grow as individuals, to challenge our weaknesses and develop our gifts and our strengths while we watch the stigma around mental un-wellness diminish as we grow.

In this Men’s Mental Health Support group, members will tell their story and listen to others’ stories. They will report on a weekly basis on their progress and explore the wisdoms of the grow program. They will challenge one another and assign each other a practical task for the week to support each person on their road to wellness. They will develop camaraderie and fellowship with people who have been in the same difficult place and walked in those shoes. They will learn that it’s OK not to be OK, regardless of age, gender or social class.

This weekly support group is structured around a proven task based program and method where each week you will take on a task to help tackle and cope with your own mental health challenges and by completing these weekly tasks you will soon start to see little differences in your life. 

Through shared wisdom and practical guidance during this course you will learn new coping strategies and methods to help you to take back control over your own Mental Health & Wellbeing.

All that is required to participate is a commitment to attend weekly, an ability to hear other people’s stories and openness to work in a small safe and confidential group setting and learn new ways of responding to life’s challenges. 

This men’s mental health support group is free and is open to men of any age or background and without the limitations of geographical boundaries or distance as it is all online. No referrals needed. Just sign up and you will be enrolled.

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men's mental health

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