What our members say about grow?

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What our members love about Grow and the Grow Program:

What our members love about the Peer Support Groups

“What I would say to new people is to keep coming back. I have seen Grow members being in the depths of depression and suffering from severe anxiety. There is light at the end of the tunnel. I have been there in the depths of depression. I came through it into the light and that is what Grow has done for me. I have seen people blossom in Grow – people who hadn’t any hope – are now helping others on to recovery and growth.”

“Really enjoyed the group, was coming from a compassionate peer support and loved the way it flowed each week.”

“Nice to be connected with people and found the personal stories very inspiring. So nice to experience peoples honesty and have an understanding of how the leadership works and allows people to grow within themselves. Found the group supportive and a joy to be a part of particularly when things resonated. Overall found the program to be very liberating.”

“I definitely want to continue face to face or online. I loved being involved really liked doing the tasks just timing of group wasn’t good this time for me. So definitely want to be more involved in any way I can. I am a qualified facilitator so was so impressed how well the group was run.”

“From the first meeting I felt hope the group gave me the space to heal in my own time”.

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