Community Events

The 12th Step of the 12 Steps of Growth and Recovery

- We carried Grow’s message to others in need.

In order to carry out Grow’s message to others in need we are continually out and about in the Community spreading the word. We are regularly organising information stands and raising awareness events. We might even be at your local library or festival answering questions about our Grow Program of Growth and Recovery or telling our stories on the local radio or TV station. We often host Grow Mental Health open evenings and musical nights out which are open to anyone who wants to join.

During World Mental Health Month, we participate in many events throughout the county with the hope of raising awareness that your support network is waiting for you – together we will support one another. You are not alone.

In addition to our regular Mental Health Talks, we run Stress Management Seminars and Workplace Wellness Programs. At Grow, our commitment to mental health recovery and wellness doesn’t stop at our weekly meetings.

If you are hosting an event and think a Grow Mental Health information stand or speaker would fit, contact us at [email protected] We would welcome any opportunity to get closer to our vision of an Ireland where no one needs to navigate mental health challenges or life’s struggles alone.

Grow Mental Health - Raising Awareness in the Media

The importance of Community Mental Health Supports and the Grow Program.

In Kilkenny, Grow Area Coordinator Liz Shortall spoke with Frank Tynan of Kilkenny Today on the importance of community mental health supports and the Grow Program. The program aired on World Mental Health Day with a full hour dedicated to minding our mental health.  The interview starts around the 43.50-minute mark.

Tipperary Midwest Radio

Our Regional Manager, Mary Purcell was interviewed for the Morning Call program with Catherine Fogarty on Tipp Midwest Radio. Mary spoke of the growth and recovery opportunities within Grow and the power of the Grow Program in supporting that growth. Mary’s interview is around the 40-minute mark.

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