What Does Grow Mean To Me?

Written By Noirin, Grow Member in the Midwestern Region

Little did Father Con Keogh realise that 66 years after setting up Grow in Australia, he would leave such a legacy behind. Not only is Grow widespread in Ireland but worldwide.

What does Grow mean to me?

It gives structure to my week and also there is such comradery with my Grow family. They get me. They also have lived experience. Because of this, they are empathetic and they don’t judge me.

Grow is a safe haven to talk about your well-being. There is a confidentiality clause – what is said in Grow stays in Grow! There is also the social aspect, going for lunch after the meeting, looking forward to a barbeque, and the National Weekend in October.

I have to say this, PJ is the most conscientious Organiser that Grow ever had. Grow’s meetings are never the same. Yes, there is structure, but every meeting is different. The Growers talk about their week and get advice from other Growers – a problem shared is a problem halved. I know I have often had the weight of the world on my shoulders but have left the meeting lighter and in greater spirits.

You alone can do it but you cannot do it alone.

You are given a step to work on from the 12 Steps of recovery and growth and also a piece for understanding. There is also the Wednesday What’sApp so we can stay connected with each other.

A friend is as far as the nearest phone.

You are given a task to do daily – mine is to take my two dogs down by the river. There are times when I don’t feel like going but I compel my muscles and limbs to act rightly in spite of my feelings.

What I would say to new people is to keep coming back. I have seen Growers being in the depths of depression and suffering from severe anxiety. There is light at the end of the tunnel. I have been there in the depths of depression. I came through it into the light and that is what Grow has done for me. I have seen people blossom in Grow – people who hadn’t any hope – are now helping others on to recovery and growth.

You can do it but you cannot do it alone.

We have lived experience and we help each other.

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