What is IN it for Me

learn how to develop and use your own personal resources and overcome problems.

When you join a Grow group the other members will help you identify the different kinds of support and help available to you, some examples of the different kinds of help available and some keys for wellbeing are as follow:

Prevention and Rehabilitation

  • Spiritual Resources i.e. mindfulness, meditation, the belief in God or a Greater Power.
  • Natural healing.
  • Practical support.
  • Friendly help.
  • Mutual help i.e. your Grow group and other support networks.
“If you need help, help others. To help others, best let them help you.”


have access to the support of your group members, many of whom will already have found their way to mental wellbeing.

The most important feature of Grow Mental Health is the healing community created by its members. In Grow everyone is equal and equally valued. There is such healing power in being warmly welcomed into a group of people who are completely accepting and non-judgemental. In Grow people openly share their own stories of despair and hope and listen to newcomers as each begins to tell a new and unique story. The Grow community is available day after day, week after week, at the end of a phone, encouraging you and gently drawing out the real you. The Grow group and its wider community give members access to hope, warmth, encouragement, and challenge which are key to recovery and good Mental Health. Grow members come in all ages (over 18 only), sizes, beliefs and backgrounds. The only condition of membership is a real desire to learn about Mental Health. Grow offers a whole range of involvements outside the weekly meeting.
“No matter how bad my physical, mental, social or spiritual condition, I am capable of loving and of being loved. I am a connecting link between persons.”


be part of our Grow Mental Health Community and establish true and rewarding friendships.

Friendship – Among human relationships, friendship is the special key to Mental Health. Friendship requires something more than ordinary adult love. Friendship is what we can experience by being a part of a Grow group. You can love certain people whom you do not like but a friend is one whom you like and admire and in whose company you are profoundly at home. The word friend is used for three levels of relationship:
  • Friends for play or leisure
  • Friends for work
  • Friends for living

Only the last level mentioned are friends in the fullest sense.

Friendship is not possible without considerable maturity as friendship is in fact shared maturity. In education for life as a whole, nothing is more formative than the mutual influence of friends.
“To have a friend be a friend.”



We admitted we had lost our way and needed direction.
We took our courage in our hands and asked for help.
We trusted the Greater Power of life, love and the world around us.
We acknowledged our gifts and our strengths.
We tackled our weaknesses and failures.
We committed to the journey even through the tough times.
We took care and control of our bodies.
We learned to think by reason rather than by feelings and imagination.
We developed will power to do the right thing in spite of our feelings.
We took our responsible and caring place in society.
We grew daily closer to maturity.
We carried Grow’s message to others in need.
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