Online Support for Mental Health

Grow Mental Health provides the tools to help you take back control over your Mental Health & Wellbeing. Grow has a space for you if you are struggling with any Mental Health Challenge. We are here to help.

An online support group is a forum or a safe place on the internet where people can come together to chat and discuss issues, brainstorm ideas and problem solve together as a group around Mental Health and Wellbeing Challenges. People can share their story, if they wish in a confidential and friendly environment and these online support groups are all led by people with similar lived experiences.

By attending a weekly support group, you see that you are not alone with Mental Health challenges. Through the support groups – you are given the chance to voice your story and equally learn from someone else’s shared recovery story.  You develop deep friendships with people in the group who have had similar lived experiences to you. Not only have you the support and structure of a group every week to help you focus but you are also given the tools and tips to help you take back control over your Mental Health and Wellbeing. 


This is what you can expect from the 4 week course:

1. Experience being part of a group
2. Meet peers – people who have similar lived experiences to you
3. Develop a healthy routine
4. Practice consistency in weekly attendance
5. Develop a recovery plan
6. Develop problem solving skills and Manage personal issues
7 Learn to deal with others and develop friendships
8. Complete tasks
9. Understand the importance of having a structured program

This 4 week course is designed to give you a brief insight into the proven task based program and method used in the regular weekly support group meetings. Where each week you will take on a task of your choice to help tackle and cope with your own mental health challenge and by completing these weekly tasks you will soon start to see little differences in your life. 

Through shared wisdom and practical guidance during this course you will learn new coping strategies and methods to help you to take back control over your own Mental Health & Wellbeing.

All that is required to participate is a commitment to attend weekly (4 sessions), an ability to hear other people’s stories and openness to work in a small safe and confidential group setting and learn new ways of responding to life’s challenges. 

The 4-Week Introductory course is designed for those who would like to see what Grow Support Groups are like before signing-up to regular weekly meetings.

This short online course is an introduction into how the support group meetings online or in-person are run should you decide to attend on a more long term basis. This short course which is run over 4 weeks will give you an opportunity to decide if support groups are for you or not.

The support group meetings are run on a weekly basis either in-person or online for an infinite amount of time. Meetings are held weekly, are confidential, open to all individuals over 18 and no referrals are needed. By attending weekly support group meetings you are given the tools and tips to help you take back control over your life.

Once the 4 week course is completed – you can decide if you wish to continue on and join an existing Grow Mental Health support group in person or continue in an online support group.

Grow has a space for you if you are struggling with any Mental Health Challenge, no matter how big or small.

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Online Mental Health Support

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