Throughout our lives we will come up against many different challenges which will leave us questioning our faith in ourselves, others and life as a whole. With
the right support, these breakdowns can be personal breakthroughs if we open ourselves to the opportunities for growth and maturity. 

1. Mental Breakdown 

Severe mental breakdown is the inability to think rationally in the presence of fear. 

2. Social Breakdown
Separation, bereavement, abandonment or betrayal by loved ones, disgrace, unemployment, recession, political unrest or war can result in our social skills becoming depleted.
3. Spiritual Breakdown
Falling short of our ideals or seeing ourselves hurting those we love the most through cynicism, addiction, sarcasm etc. are forms of spiritual breakdown. This
results in feelings of shame, guilt and a sense of being permanently damaged. The processes of integration and disintegration, growth and decline, life and death, are constantly at work in us.

The question for mental health is:
“Have we more grounds for hope than for fear?”
• Can we reach out and ask for help?
• Can we view ourselves and others with compassion
and forgiveness?
• Can we turn our challenges into opportunities for

“When things go wrong don’t go with them.”