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‘Narratives of Recovery from Mental Illness’ Book Launch – Connacht Tribune

Coverage of the launch of 'Narratives of Recovery from Mental Illness: The Role of Peer Support', featuring the recovery stories of 26 members of GROW, in the Connacht Tribune.    

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Change of Thinking

Before joining GROW, I wasted a lot of energy thinking about the past and the future. My inner critic would analyse what I had done in the past and find a hundred different faults. I did not act with enough confidence and skill, didn’t get on well with others, said something to cause offence, did not say what should have been said – basically any good, ordinary action I did...

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Two Minds by Martin

This very powerful  piece about living with anxiety and depression has been kindly submitted by one of our GROWers, Martin. The sentiments are ones which a lot of us will relate to. Our sincere thanks to Martin for sending it to us. Having anxiety and depression is like being scared and tired at the same time. It’s the fear of failure but no urge to be productive. It’s wanting friends but hate socialising. It’s...

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A GROW Regional Weekend Testimony

The GROW weekend had been flagged for weeks but I was very indecisive about whether or not I’d venture down. You see, I’m too uptight, too uncomfortable with new people, too uncomfortable with new places – too uncomfortable with me. I had been parachuting in to GROW meetings for the best part of two years but I always slithered back to the comfortable anxiety and isolation of my own home....

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What led me to GROW – Michael

My name is Michael and I want to share a little of my background, and also what led me to GROW. I was born and reared in Athenry, Co. Galway and I am the eldest of five children. I had a very good childhood even though my family weren’t the wealthiest and times were tough. I got on very well in national school and had lots of friends there. As...

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A Leadership Testimony – Aideen

What is the difference between a Star and a Leader? A Star shines, while a Leader helps others to shine’ – Jean Hassett. From my formative years my understanding of Leadership was the very superficial, but typical one. A leader to me was always a figure of authority leading ‘down from up there’. My father was a leader in his workplace, and the teacher in the classroom. Ours was an...

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Oliver (Galway Organiser)

When I was first asked to become organiser for the Galway Monday morning group I was initially very nervous & apprehensive…would I be as able as the last organiser was? Would I do the job as well? For the first few weeks I put the head down & persevered & stuck it out until I got used to the role. Then I gradually got more & more comfortable with it...

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Alan (Galway)

I had a very happy childhood. I went to a rural all boys National School and was in a small class of 8 boys. My memories of that time are mostly of playing lots of sports and having the craic with my fellow students, I do not remember studying or learning anything in particular. There was no bullying whatsoever, indeed bullying was something I didn’t know existed until I...

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Con Keogh : Visionary of our Times

Con Keogh Visionary of our Times

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