Week 1: Accepting What Is

The outbreak of the Coroanvirus has resulted in a great deal of change to our lives and we all face the challenge of adapting to the ‘new normal’.

One of the main challenges will be to our mental health and it is vital that we take action to look after that part of our lives.

To help with this, GROW Mental Health Recovery, is launching a six-week initiative to help ‘Create Hope and Stay Positive’ in the face of Covid-19.

With the aid of the GROW Program we will address the various challenges of accepting the situation, dealing with isolation and coping with anxiety by helping you stay positive, look after yourself and create routine and balance.

Week 1: Accepting What Is

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Accepting What Is

  • Emphasise what is
  • Settle for disorder in lesser things for the sake of order in greater things and therefore be content to be discontent in many
    Over the space of a few short weeks the Coronavirus pandemic has changed so much in our lives in a way that we could never have thought possible.

Much of what we knew as being normal has changed. The simple things like meeting up with a family member or friend for a chat, a playdate for the children, going on holiday, taking part in sport, pursuing a hobby, or even attending our GROW Support Group Meetings are no longer available to us.

Many of us are missing the challenge and interactions provided by work, school or college and there is no doubt that it can be difficult to adapt. As a result we are left with a stark choice – we either let ourselves get down and bemoan that fact that life is not what it used to be, or we make the most of what is a challenging situation.

The first step in dealing with this challenge is that we accept what we have to go through and deal with it accordingly. As the often used political phrase tells us – “We are where we are”.

Acceptance of the difficulties we face is the first thing we have to do in this situation and this is essential for our mental and physical health.

We may not like them, but in the interests of our physical health, we must accept the restrictions that have been put in place by the Public Health Authorities. Social distancing and restricting our movement outside home is key to saving lives and fortunately most people have quickly adapted to the requirements.

In terms of our mental health it is a difficult time but we can only ‘control the controllable’ and do what we can to remain positive.

To do this we need to avoid the temptation to focus on what we are missing, but instead to be creative in the ways we can find new supports and fill the gaps we are left with.

GROW Reading

The idea of “Accepting What Is”, serves as a core GROW principle and the following reading from ‘Readings from Middle Routine’ illustrates how we can apply this in our ordinary lives to help us look after our mental health.

Acceptance: As a human being I will naturally make many mistakes and involve myself and others in occasional trouble and loss. However, this is the reality of life and an inevitable part of the good relationships and progressive improvement.

Active acceptance means a willingness to respond to life as it presents itself, not only day by day but moment by moment. We can’t stand on the sideline and watch. We are always on the field, evaluating, deciding, acting – going on probabilities when we can’t be certain. All the time, we are referring to a built-in set of values, and applying rapidly a healthy sense of proportion.

If we can accept that others make genuine mistakes, which cause them to learn and mature, then why should we be immune from making mistakes? Humanity can afford these natural mishaps and injuries that give-and-take of these hurts and losses is to accept that we are human. If we will not accept that, we cannot have, and do not deserve to have, mental health

Calm Breathing will help

Caroline Crotty, GROW Mental Health Recovery Area Co-ordinator, explains how Calm Breathing can help us cope at this time.


Here are some tasks that can help you stay connected healthy during the Covid-19 restrictions:

Take time to write your thoughts on the following into a journal – How do we like to be supported? How can you get and give support.
  • Try social distance walking
  • You can watch movies or read books and discuss via text or social media
  •  Simply talk to somebody on the telephone, through Skype or Facetime

GROW Recipe

Now that we have a little bit more time on our hands we have the opportunity to spend a little bit more time in the kitchen where we can create wholesome meals and spend time with our families.

If you get a chance, why not try out this week’s recipe?

Apple Cinnamon Oatmeal – kindly proved by RéNua Natural Health

Acceptance: Emphasise what is acceptance. Settle for disorder in lesser things for order in greater things and therefore be more content to be disconnected in many things.

Brief: Control the controllable and do what we can to remain positive

Suggestion: Oatmeal Breakfast – possibly the most solid breakfast one can eat.  Easy to prepare, repeatable and is okay to have every day if one wants. 

Recipe:  Apple Oatmeal with Cinnamon


·         First meal of the day can influence what follows throughout the day and reduce cravings for sugar and stimulants

·         Low Glycaemic Index meal for breakfast, breaks the overnight fast without raising blood sugars to undesirable levels.  Cinnamon enhances insulin function for better management of sugar levels.  Skipping breakfast impacts on mood – depression, anxiety and cravings

·         Oats have a calming effect which helps to set the tone to accept things that cannot be changed and make better choices with composure ·         Oats are excellent source of fibre, essential for bowel health (letting go of toxic waste, unburden what is not necessary)

·         Nuts and chia seeds adds in protein for building strength and resilience

       Nutritional Profile: 

Excellent source of Fibre, Protein and Calcium

Good source of Magnesium and B vitamins

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