Thoughts are like plants in the ground. You express the
thoughts you cultivate.
The question is: Are you cultivating too many weeds?
We cannot simply decide which thoughts will get into
our minds but it is mainly up to us which ones we leave
there and which ones we cultivate.
How to control unhealthy thoughts
1. Dig them out – by talking them out with your
doctor or therapist if you are under treatment, or by
bringing them up at a Grow meeting and, with the
group’s help, discrediting them.
2. Starve them out – by disregarding them at other
times (as you disregard static/interference on the
radio) and by not voicing them or acting on them.
3. Crowd them out – by cultivating positive thoughts
and talk, and wholesome interests and habits.
“The thing you fear unreasonably is
your master.”