Three Convictions (to steady our thinking and keep our minds set on the way of growth).

  1. I am never on my own. A Greater Power can help me. Trustworthy and friendly help is always available to me through community. All I have to do is cooperate.
  2. I can compel my muscles and limbs to act rightly in spite of my feelings.
  3. My feelings will get better as my habits of thinking and acting get better.

Five Determinations (to steady our behaviour and keep our wills set on the way of growth).

  1. I will go by what I know and not by how I feel.
  2. I will learn more and understand better how to live my life.
  3. I will live one day at a time.
  4. I will accept setbacks and faults as normal on the journey to mental health and wellbeing.
  5. I will challenge my disturbing feelings and thoughts and gradually overcome them with help.

“If the rough road gets you there and the smooth one doesn’t, which one will you take