Summer Solstice – GO YELLOW – JUNE 20 – 23 2024

Summer Solstice 2024

Did you know we get 9.5 extra daylight hours on June 21st than on Dec 21st?

How will you spend those hours?

Walking / Hiking / Running / Swimming / Picnic / Meditation / Yoga

Lets plan some fun days - create your own fundraising event!

Work out what lifts your own spirit and create an event around that activity during June 20 - 23rd.
Be it a hike, cycle, walk, yoga session, picnic, swim fitness challenge - the sky is your limit! Then plan this event - invite your friends, family and local community to come along, wear yellow and participate in this outdoor activity and help us raise much needed funds.

Where do the funds raised go?

A Donation of €15 = Provides a life changing place at a Grow Mental Health support group.

A Donation of €50 = Supports a sponsor /a member to join our Annual Grow Member Weekend.

A Donation of €100 = Helps to fund our Grow Community Education Programs, sharing practical wisdoms for Mental Wellness.

A Donation of €600 = Funds for a local support group for one month.

A Donation of €1000 = Funding for an awareness campaign for Grow's free support services.

A Donation of €10,000 = Helps us achieve our vision of an Ireland where no-one needs to navigate mental health challenges or life's struggles alon.

Grow Mental Health provides free, non-judgmental support for those dealing with mental health challenges or life’s struggles. We have done so for over 50 years in Ireland. Our groups are open to anyone over the age of 18 and there are no waiting lists. People meet weekly and share their experience of overcoming their challenges, whether it be living with anxiety, depression, psychosis or making sense of a bereavement or an estranged relationship. Group members work through these issues together using our structured and proven 12 Step program. Thankfully people coming to our groups for support have never had to pay and we intend to keep it that way. Every cent raised through fundraising events like our GO YELLOW campaign whether large or small helps us maintain and expand our meeting network, allowing us to reach even more people throughout Ireland either with in person or online meetings.

  • Register your event via our registration link: GO YELLOW – Summer Solstice Event
  • Choose your fundraising type – Individual Fundraiser or Group Fundraiser
  • Create an account on our platform provider – Payzone
  • Create a Campaign and set your funding target
  • Share your event (or event QR code) by each out to family, friends, colleagues, local businesses and asking for donations and/or support over the GO YELLOW weekend.
  • Gather for your event between 20 and 23 June wearing yellow.
  • Let us know how you got on by sharing on social media using. #GOYELLOWFORMENTALHEALTH and #GROWMENTALHEALTH

Fundraiser of the Week! Launch of GO YELLOW

Where: Online / When: June 19, 7:30 - 8:30 PM / Special Guests: Caroline Crotty & Ruth Mangan / Entry Fee: €10