What brings you joy? What gets in the way of your joy? Why is joy important in the Grow Program of Hope and Recovery? We talk about all this and more on our May Grow Mental Health Podcast. Jenny is joined by Eanna and Caitriona, both members of Grow Groups for over 3 years, to talk about all things joy, fuzziness, and laughter.

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Thank you for listening!

Produced by Grow Mental Health, Ireland

Music: Happy Life by FREDJI.

Thank you to Caitriona and Eanna for the sore cheeks and real talk.

Notes: (From the Grow Program Book)

  1. Go for a walk somewhere nice.
  2. Prepare yourself a nice meal.
  3. Take some time to yourself to read or watch a movie.
  4. Meditate or practise breathing techniques.
  5. Do some exercise or yoga.
  6. Have an uninterrupted cup of tea.
  7. Have a warm bath.
  8. Spend time with pets or animals.
  9. Spend time in nature.
  10. Call or meet a friend who makes you feel good about yourself.
  11. Take up a class that interests you.
  12. Have an early night.
  13. Dance like no one is watching.
  14. Listen to music that uplifts you.
  15. Do some gardening.

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