Leadership can sometimes evoke images of people with authority. People who can command a room and have lots of leadership experience. At Grow Mental Health we see leadership differently. Leadership, in Grow is a shared responsibility for the whole community and an opportunity for personal growth. People take on leadership roles to challenge themselves and build confidence. Jenny talks to Grow member John and Grow National Volunteer Coordinator Mary about the leadership opportunities and challenges in Grow.

In Grow we say, Growth is painful but permanently rewarding. Our Grow community encourages and supports people who take on leadership roles to accelerate that growth.

Thank you for listening!

Produced by Grow Mental Health, Ireland

Music: Happy Life by FREDJI

Sincere thanks to John and Mary for their time and generosity as well as for everything the do in their roles as leaders in the Grow community. We would be nowhere without people like you showing leading by example.

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