For the month of March, we explored the Grow Mental Health Core Value of SUPPORT. In this podcast we look at the support we find when we walk into our very first Grow meeting and how that gentle support is the key to our program of recovery. We also look at the way we can all give support to those around us and indeed to ourselves no matter where we are on our mental health journey.

In Grow we say, You alone can do it, but you cannot do it alone. Whether the support looks like encouragement to come back to the next meeting, a phone call check-in during the week or a helping hand with a seemingly difficult task – support comes in myriad forms and is in great supply in Grow.

Join Jenny, and Grow members Gearoid and Tricia for this honest and thoughtful discussion on Support.

Produced by Grow Mental Health, Ireland

Music: Happy Life by FREDJI

Sincere thanks to Patricia and Gearoid for generously sharing their stories and wisdom. Sharing your stories and insights with honesty and fearlessness is a great act of support for our listeners. Thank you both.

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