Blue Book PAGE 86

  The following are insights/tips/wisdoms expressed by GROW Members

1.       Be clear in what you want and communicate in a calm and clear way to those around you

2.       Do not worry what others may think of you speaking up, what others think of us is none of our business

3.       By communicating our feelings/needs/expectations we are less stressed and our sense of personal value grows

4.       Working on our own personal value helps us to speak up, be heard and know that what we have to say is just as important as everyone else

5.       We are all equal, we all have a purpose and are a connecting link with others

6.       By affirming the good in us and accepting that no person is wholly good or wholly bad. By working on forgiveness of both ourselves and of others, encouraging the good in us to grow and so encourage better personal value

7.       The GROW Program was born from the pain and suffering of others who worked on their own personal value, developed better ways of communicating and past that message onto others 

8.       We must be clear in knowing ourselves, what we want and developing a healthy relationship with who we are and what we hope to achieve.

9.       Being honest with ourselves and others helps us with better communication

10.   By working the GROW Program into our daily lives, developing better communication, building personal value and healthy friendships the best of life, love and happiness can be ahead of us.




Louise Carroll – Area Coordinator – North East/ Eastern Region 

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