Grow’s 5-Level Pandemic Plan

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Communication to members and staff – October 2020

We have been navigating a pandemic for the past 9 months and both individually and collectively
have had to learn to live in a very different way. As humans, we are highly adaptive but there is no
denying that this year has presented challenges beyond what any of us could have imagined. In
many ways our supports and resources and ways of coping, ways we often work hard to develop,
have been taken away. In this time, GROW has gone through unprecedented changes. This has not
been easy at times but the power of human spirit has prevailed and members, volunteers and staff
have worked together to continue to offer mental health supports. At present we are operating a
blended service with online groups continuing and some face to face groups having resumed, under
very specific conditions. The Government have offered a 5 level plan that indicates how we will be
impacted by restrictions imposed in coming months. We have translated this into how it will impact
Please note that under all levels, social distancing and hand hygiene practices must be observed. All
other Covid guidelines implemented by GROW must be followed at all times. This map we have
provided may change, depending on future public health advice.
Following discussions with the HSE, GROW can operate as an essential service. What this means is,
where other services have to close, GROW can continue to operate in a physical space. However,
this is only if it can be done safely and to justify carrying high risk, we must have no other option.
GROW do have options, thanks to the tireless work that has gone into transitioning groups to the
online ZOOM platform. As it stands, GROW will continue to offer a blended service of online and
face to face groups up as far as level 3 restrictions are in place. It has been agreed that if any county
is moved to level 4 GROW cannot hold the risk associated with the transmission of COVID and will
move all service to online platforms at level 4. It is important to understand the transmission rates
associated with each level and the likelihood of contracting Covid, even in a small group, is too high
at this point. GROW will always operate a safe service.
The strength you have all shown in recent months is incredible. Continue to stay connected in
whatever way you can. GROW will be here in some form no matter what the next few months has in

Stay safe, and we hope the roadmap is helpful.

All the best,

The Return to Groups and Work Committee.



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