by Jonathan, Grow Member Eastern Region
Most stories, whether film or book, fairy tale or myth, are journeys of hope. The baddie gets his comeuppance. The monster is slain. The world is saved. The heroine comes from rags to riches. The hero gets the girl. Even dark tragic stories are cautionary tales so hopefully, we will be wiser and not go down that path.

The story of hope starts from “home”, everyday life that’s unsatisfactory or without meaning, a wasteland. A job is boring or is lost, a marriage ends, a sickness begins. The protagonist gets a call from the “Universe” to a dangerous but hopeful journey. It takes courage to embark on the journey. Often we hesitate and the Universe keeps knocking on our door or kicks us in the behind. We travel down into the darkness. Once on our way doors will open where previously there were only walls. Friends, allies, and wise mentors come our way. We will fight inner “demons” and overcome outer obstacles. There will be trials and we will be tested, but we hopefully grow. Finally, we resurrect and return to life, but we are not the same person that set out. We are a new person that can renew life for others too. That is the Hope.

It’s the growth in the protagonist that makes these stories satisfying. They are every woman and every man with flaws. They grow in virtue, consciousness, and wisdom, and from one state of being into a larger new state of being. A deeper place of maturity. These stories need to be retold in a new way in each generation to keep the hope alive and vital.
the hopeful journey

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