1. Letting go of old beliefs
‘Try harder, do better, be perfect.’ These are trick messages we received
as children. We can never achieve perfection. In order to be happy, we
must let go of perfectionism and replace it with the belief that ‘I am
good enough’.
2. Letting go of the need to control
Often, we want to control people, situations and relationships. Letting go
of our need to control will set us free from trying to control the uncontrollable.
3. Letting go of anger
We all experience anger and it can be helpful in highlighting problems
and areas in our lives that need change. However, anger can turn into
resentment. Letting go of resentments from the past is very important to our
freedom of living today.

4. Letting go of guilt
Legitimate guilt teaches us that we have done wrong. However, wallowing in guilt allows others to control us and prevents us from caring for ourselves.
Extended guilt does not solve the problem, it prolongs it so we must strive to let go of guilt.
5. Letting go of sadness
Unresolved sadness can block our joy. Unexpressed feelings from the past turn into sadness or depression. We have to deal with these feelings by
talking to someone about it. Crying and releasing the pain can help us heal.
6. Letting go of shame
We may have experienced physical, sexual or psychological abuse or neglect. The guilt of abuse belongs to the perpetrator not the survivor.
7. Letting go of the past
If we keep clinging to the past we cannot live in the present.

“In the process of letting go, you will lose many things from the past, but you will find yourself.”

“Don’t get imprisoned in the here and now.”

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