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Donations are a quick and simple way to give to Grow in Ireland. Donations received in a region will be used specifically for that region. All donations will be acknowledged. There are four categories of donations and all are secure methods of payment.


Option 1:

Donation via your credit/debit card.
You can securely make an online donation. An automatic receipt will be generated to confirm your donation.

or visit the Grow page on iDonate and use the Donate Now button.

Option 2:

Please note: We are carrying out maintenance on this service and it is currently unavailable
Donation via cheques, cash or postal order. You can download our donation form, send it back to us with your preferred method of payment. We can process the donation within 14 working days. Please do not send cash by post. Cash donations should only be made to our regional offices.

Option 3

Planned Giving via Standing Order/Direct Debit.
By donating regular amounts of money to Grow in Ireland will assist the organisation with financial planning. Planned Giving is the term used for donating regular amounts of money to a nominated charity of your choice. Please download our form to set up direct debit.

Option 4:

Text Donations.
Simply text the word “GROW” to 50300 to donate €2 to Grow in Ireland. 100% of text cost goes to Grow in Ireland across most network providers. Some providers apply VAT which means a minimum of €1.63 will go to Grow in Ireland. Service Provider LIKECHARITY (014433890).

How can you help Grow to claim tax relief?

As a donor, there is no obligation to permit Grow to claim tax relief in respect of your donations. However, if you have made a payment of at least €250 in a single year you can help Grow  to claim tax relief on your donation by completing an:

Or an

If you donate to more than one charity, you can complete a certificate for each organisation.

Grow will need you to provide the following information for each claim:

  • donor name
  • donor Personal Public Service Number (PPSN)
  • amount of donation
  • whether or not the donor is associated with the charity.

See THIS LINK for more information.

What is a qualifying donation?

A donation will qualify under the Charitable Donation Scheme if it is:

  •          a payment of at least €250 made in a single year
  •          a payment of less than €1m made in a single year
  •          in the form of money or designated securities, or a combination of money and shares
  •          not repayable.

Any payments you make by standing order or direct debit will also qualify.

As a donor, you may wish to make a donation to more than one approved body. If so, each payment to an approved body will qualify for the scheme.

Tax relief is restricted to 10% of your total income for the year if there is a connection between:

  •          you as the donor and the approved body you are donating to.

As a donor, you must not receive any benefit, either directly or indirectly, as a result of the donation. A donation cannot be conditional on the approved body buying a property from a donor. This also applies to any person connected to you.

Thank you

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