Poetry Corner

The current Covid-19 restrictions have given many of us more time to explore our talents and three members have illustrated their creative side and wish to share their poems with everyone in GROW Mental Health Recovery


I Thought a thought

I watched a cloud drift overhead

so clear and true

Sunlit, silent in skies as blue

As a painters palette


And wondered

if I could think thoughts

as clear and true I could paint skies

of any hue


I would know

that hearts beat in time

To nursery rhymes and the ebb and flow

of Nature’s tides


That sunflowers

like the sun do not

pick or choose, but share their glory

with everyone


To know these thoughts

I could sit at creations’ feet

Filled with joy

Filled with Peace


I thought a thought 


  • Paul, Raheny




Lonely feelings fill me up inside.

Being so disconnected from Friends and Family make my world feel so empty inside.

Being stuck day in day out, I turn to my creative side to make my days feel alive.

Gratitude and hope are pulling me from the darkness and into the light.

For one day in the future, I know in my heart things will be okay again.

The lonely feelings that once filled me up inside, will be replaced by joy and happiness as I will have my Friends and Family at my side.

  • Barry Smith


To Grow is to Love


To grow is to love

to grow is to heal

To grow is to know

that you are real


To grow

is to lay your burdens down

The ones that press you

to the ground


To grow

is to walk the lonely mile

and know that it is

All worthwhile


To grow

is to plant a tiny seed

And help it grow

above the weeds


To grow

is to open up your heart

and find that sharing

lights the path


To grow

is to wonder at the sight

of daytime growing

out of night


To Grow is to love

to grow is to heal

To Grow is to know

that you are real


  • GROW member




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